Welcome to my Notions Tin


I'm Gabrielle, Wellingtonion, artist, one husband, two fur babbies, learner and lover of Italian, knitter, cross-stitcher, quilter, embroiderer and newly returned to garment making after a decade and a half long hiatus.

I like to think of myself as an incorrigible crafter—I want to adopt all the thread-based hobbies and I'm not going to apologise for it!

My Notions Tin is the place for my various musings, but it roughly breaks down into three sections. (Click the peachy buttons below to go through to each.)

A Self-Covered Button

Like individual, self-covered buttons, these are the beautiful one-offs.  A Self-Covered Button is the place for all the projects that particularly engaged me.  These posts are more sporadic, but are deeper-dive looks at all the gritty minutiae of a project: the techniques, the pattern and the fabrics.

Mismatched Buttons (A Monthly Journal)

Tucked into Mismatched Buttons (A Monthly Journal) is a chronological record of the efforts of my nimble fingers. This is the place where I document my T'nTs (all the repeat makes that I don't want a separate post for), my embroideries, my knitting, my latest thready whims, and who knows what else will cross my flighty, ever-making brain.

The Buttons Jar

And finally, because my brain is so flighty, I need a space for the miscellaneous odds and sods: a special, jewel-like place that could be full of antique glass and bakelight, or cheap plastic tat—it doesn't matter because it's a prismatic place where they all democratically reside together ... The Button Jar.  This is a place where I might muse on Italian verbs, reminisce about travel(ling capsule wardrobes), and everything in between. This is where the things that don't fit will fit, waiting for just the right project.

 I do hope you enjoy my Notions Tin. You can also follow me on Instagram at @bibbity_bobbity_buttons