Bibbity Bobbity in a real-life buttons jar! The beautiful  Button Button in Vancouver

Bibbity Bobbity in a real-life buttons jar! The beautiful Button Button in Vancouver

Oh hey there,

I'm Gabrielle, otherwise known as Bibbity Bobbity Buttons: an incorrigible crafter, amateur garment-maker, knitter, embroiderer and newbie-Italian learner. I hope you enjoy my little Notions Tin of musings.

I’m also a brand ambassador for Bernette NZ, as part of Bernina, learning all about my B42 Cover Stitch machine.

Deer and Doe | Arum

Deer and Doe | Arum

A quick-make for our forthcoming trip to an autumnal Italia! 



I wanted a few new makes especially for our trip and, given Wellington is only just coming out of winter, a couple of lighter cotton pieces for some hopefully for balmy autumn evenings seemed just the ticket!  This is number one.

The pattern is Deer and Doe's Arum.  I love how D&D break down their patterns into Botany for woven patterns and Meteorology for knits, and also their names for the individual patterns: Arum, from the Botany collection, is a type of lily.  The fabric is Bye Bye Birdie, a cotton batiste Atelier Brunette from Miss Maude (all the hearts are stuck in my eyes for her shop!). 


Process and Progress

This is my second attempt at Deer and Doe's Arum.  The first was an unqualified disaster!  Due to my inexperience I chose a completely incompatible fabric and was heart sore when I realised I'd made such a poor selection.  This make turned out far better, my favourite bit being a tiny, unintentional pattern match on the pocket.

This is the second D&D pattern I've used and both have been great.  Granted, this is a level one make, but I found the directions clear and easy to follow.  Generally, I think I'm learning I prefer drawings/diagrams in patterns over photographs, and D&D's diagrams are excellent.


Fit and Finish

I like it!  I made a size 44 and am happy with the fit, although I did make use of the generous European seam allowance to make the sleeves a little wider.  If I were making it again (and I still may adjust this dress) I would make it maybe an inch longer.  The pattern is generous in how much hem turn-up it allows, so that's not a problem for this make, but for future makes I would add it before cutting the fabric.  If you're interested in making this pattern and aren't a fan of short hems this is worth keeping an eye on, because she is quite short. 

I do really like that, although the silhouette is simple, there is still shaping that comes from the princess seams at the back: it softens what could otherwise be a bit too triangle-ish.  Regarding sleeves, I'm learning two things: I love sewing set-in sleeves, and find kimono sleeves a little uncomfortable to wear.  In future I may try a pattern mash-up to make change these kimono sleeves to set in.

Okay, cue some ridiculously awkward self-taken photos where I look at the ceiling, begrudgingly at the camera, the floor, the wall, and looking quietly stoked at realising Arum teams rather, and unexpectedly, nicely with D&D's Ondée!

Aaaand, celebrating this make by becoming a couple of Erwin Wurm's One Minute Sculptures at the 2017 Venice Biennale!

Deer and Doe | Airelle

Deer and Doe | Airelle

Amare | To Love

Amare | To Love