Bibbity Bobbity in a real-life buttons jar! The beautiful  Button Button in Vancouver

Bibbity Bobbity in a real-life buttons jar! The beautiful Button Button in Vancouver

Oh hey there,

I'm Gabrielle, otherwise known as Bibbity Bobbity Buttons: an incorrigible crafter, amateur garment-maker, knitter, embroiderer and newbie-Italian learner. I hope you enjoy my little Notions Tin of musings.

I’m also a brand ambassador for Bernette NZ, as part of Bernina, learning all about my B42 Cover Stitch machine.

October 2018 | Mismatched Buttons (A Monthly Journal)

October 2018 | Mismatched Buttons (A Monthly Journal)

Oh, So Ready for Spring

Well, October certainly was a full month. I wrote a blog about some of what went on for me in last month, which can be found here. It was an intense month, but while acknowledging that, in hindsight I’m also really quite delighted with the output of my little sewing space! As always, click on the photo grids if you want to see larger images.

And, without further ado…

Ben Kelly Anorak

The Kelly Anorak from Closet Case Patterns has been on my sewing list almost since I rediscovered sewing. It’s been a long-time goal to get my skills to the point where I could achieve such a complex make and (popping my collar and patting myself on the back) I think I knocked it out of the park, hehe! I’m completely thrilled with it, from managing the techniques to nailing exactly the fit I want. I absolutely love it.

If you follow my instagram account then you’ll know that one of its maiden voyages was to CLIMB A MOUNTAIN! (Oh, had I mentioned that about thirty-six times already?) For our fifteenth anniversary, Justin and I travelled to Queenstown for a mini-break, and climbed the Ben Lomond Mountain. Albeit a small mountain, but a mountain nonetheless, at around 1700m altitude, it was a beautiful if occasionally challenging climb that afforded the most breathtaking views of the Southern Alps. It really was the most poignant and appropriate way to see in fifteen years of love, and start all the future years we have.


The very pithy @marythimble came up with the name Ben Kelly Anorak, nodding to both the pattern name and my Kelly’s first-ever mountain climb. I’m going to dedicate a full blog post to the Ben Kelly Anorak it in the near future, looking at the moment of its inspiration, the sentiment behind its name and all the gritty, nerdy sewing details you can poke a stick at, but a quick recap of the details. The shell fabric is a work-wear grade cotton polyester twill from Drapers Fabric. The lining is an Atelier Brunette viscose from Miss Maude. I bought both the lining extension pack and a hardware kit from Closet Case, and I was thrilled with both products, especially the hardware kit.


Cactus Bum Patch-Pocket

My little work-in-progress list that I’ve added to the end of each of these monthly posts has helped me give more attention to those last little finishing details on some lingering projects, and I’m pleased to report another item ticked off the list! I completed this embroidery for a patch-pocket months ago, and it only waited me trimming and stitching it to my In The Folds jumpsuit, which I finally did. You can see my smallest and most orange critic checking out my handiwork (read: photobombing) in my photos.


The jumpsuit is a super-cool free pattern, which comes from a collaboration between Peppermint Magazine and In the Folds. The embroidery design is from my favourite embroidery designer, the ever-cool Sarah K. Benning from her January 2017 monthly design programme. I liked the visual ‘joke’ of using this design for my bum-patch-pocket, that I’d be sitting on a cactus, bah-dum-chhhha! (Believe me, I use the term ‘joke’ loosely in this instance.) The embroidery is sewn on the same linen as the jumpsuit, which I bought from (once again) Miss Maude—my favourite fabric shop eliciting all the heart-eyes in the world. I lined the pocket with a remnant of mustard linen from The Fabric Store.

A pocket felt like the only thing this pattern was seriously lacking, so I’m really pleased to have finally remedied that with my cactus bum patch-pocket!



Being spring, it was also time for a good ol’ fashion spring clear out. Wellington’s Fabric-a-Brac offered the perfect opportunity to sell some previously loved but no-longer wanted fabric to others who would use and enjoy it. This was such a great event and I can’t recommend highly enough participating in one of these events. It’s an excellent way to clear some physical and mental space by selling off some of the fabrics that you’ve fallen out of love with. Whether it’s an instagram destash, a swap-night with some sewing friends, or an event like this, don’t be afraid to bid farewell to those excess fabrics.

Jumping on the Wiksten Haori* Bandwagon!

Yup, I’m in too! More details will follow, but this is going to be one of my November projects. I love this mustard colour and I feel like I need something like a sunny hug in my wardrobe at the moment. Stand by for results!

*Since drafting this blog, Wiksten has changed the name of this pattern to the Wiksten Haori, to reflect more accurately the type of garment it is inspired by from Japanese culture. To quote from the Wiksten blog:

It has been brought to our attention that such a name was not appropriate for the style of garment. In fact, a "kimono jacket," the garment worn over the traditional long, belted kimono, is called a Haori.

I really support this move: accuracy and sensitivity, when drawing inspiration from cultures that are not your own, is very important. In line with this, I’ll be changing my instagram posts from the past month to be in line with Wiksten’s move. For more information about the name change of this pattern, please read the full blog post from Wiksten, click here.

To Be Continued and Works in Progress and Lists of To Do and Mending Pile

  • Keep working on my Ginger Jeans | Slow and steady wins the race! But this race is a little too slow at the moment. I’m putting a deadline on this: I want to finish these by the end of December.

  • Tweak the fit of the Carrie Trousers | This has been quite low on the list … I think I’m just not enjoying wearing black at the moment so my excitement about working on them is a little low.

  • Tweak the fit of the Ogden Cami | The urgency to work on this will come, I think, once the weather is a little warmer, but at the moment they Ogden is still languishing on the WIP pile.

  • Further visible mending on my RTW cardigan | I’m going to pull this out of my wardrobe and put it on my knitting pile by my place on the couch, with all the necessary bits and bobs, and work to have this finished by Christmas.

  • And in calm, quite moments, enjoy a quiet little bit of Sarah K. Benning embroidery.

Charley Harper Sigma Dress | A Self-Covered Button

Charley Harper Sigma Dress | A Self-Covered Button

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